Mall Analytics

Get powerful insights on shopper behavior from reports correlating the loyalty data with shopper digital footprint and other external data feeds.

Mall Analytics
Mall Analytics
Mall Analytics

Loyalty Analytics

Monitor in real time the frequency of visit, evolution of the loyal customers shopping basket, preferred tenants through a simple to use and powerful reporting interface.

Loyalty analytics

Sharing and Engagement

Provide your tenants with relevant insights about the impact of the program on their businesses and keep them constantly engaged.

Loyalty Report

Customer Behavior

Use data to spot trends or learn about individual habits. Which category is most engaging, what content works best, when and where customers visit and more.

Big Data Visualization

Expand the data with information from external sources like tenant sales, footfall, or digital footprint of your customers to gain an even deeper understanding of their behavior and the emerging trends.

Out of the box Fraud Checks

The world is not perfect so we take data security and privacy very seriously. On top of being fully GDPR compliant, there are dedicated fraud pattern reports allowing you to be always in control of what is happening in the program.

Customer Loyalty

Build a valuable community of engaged customers and reward their loyalty with personalized offers and services from their preferred stores.

  • Simple Points Accumulation
  • Easy Reward Redemption
  • Continuous Engagement
  • No Integration Effort Required
  • Drive new behaviors
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Marketing Automation

Build powerful communication campaigns with just a few clicks and deliver them easily in the channel of your choice.

  • Prime Point of Contact
  • Personalized Campaigns
  • In app and Proximity Notifications
  • CRM Integrations
  • Auto Import Content Feeds
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