Customer Loyalty

Build a valuable community of engaged customers and reward their loyalty with personalized offers and services from their preferred stores.


Simple Points Accumulation

Customers just snap a picture with the app of their receipt in store, during a coffee break or in the comfort of their own home and we take it from there.

Through powerful OCR technology we’ll grab the relevant data from the receipt and allocate the points. This way, all spendings in your location become eligible for loyalty rewards.

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Continuous Engagement Loyalty Mechanics

Customer rewards are directly correlated with the their loyalty/spending level given by the sum of all points accumulated in a timeframe.

Level thresholds, naming, timeframe and points-spending parity are fully customizable for your specific needs and customer behavior.

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Easy Rewards Redemption

The rewards, wether they are discounts in a favorite store, access to a special service or experience, are easily accessed by presenting a bar code at the point of sale.

No Integration Effort Required

Why barcodes? Because they are the most popular retail method to manage both products and discounts, available in any retail system. Therefore no integration is required with the tenants.

Just the allocation of the specific barcode, or barcode class, for the benefit which is a day to day configuration in any retail system.

Drive new behaviors

Our platform allows you to design and drive desired behaviors for your customers and reward them with campaign points.

Weather is joining a CSR action for the community, refer a friend or participate in an action, you can reward the customers engagement with HERO points that ad to their level.

Mall Analytics

Get powerful insights on shopper behavior from reports correlating the loyalty data with shopper digital footprint and other external data feeds.

  • Loyalty Analytics
  • Big Data Visualization
  • Customer Behavior
  • Out of the box Fraud Checks
  • Tenants Reporting
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Marketing Automation

Build powerful communication campaigns with just a few clicks and deliver them easily in the channel of your choice.

  • Prime Point of Contact
  • Personalized Campaigns
  • In app and Proximity Notifications
  • CRM Integrations
  • Auto Import Content Feeds
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